For Pericles, Prince of Tyre:

"Lily Warpinski is a sweet and affable Marina."--Theatre Online by Rachel Wohlander:   FULL REVIEW

"There are some solid performances in this production, the women being the main standouts- Holmes, Warpinski, and Wicks." by Duncan PfasterFULL REVIEW

For Cecile:

" As the most important character in the play, Araminthe definitely stole the show...Moreover, this brilliant heroine was played very well, with energy and flirting and changing faces along with her mood, which made Warpinski the audience’s absolute favorite. Even though other actors were great performers as well, this girl’s acting skills definitely stood out."--Review Fix by Ekaterina Lalo:  FULL REVIEW

"Crutchfield’s assembled cast does solid work. Standouts include Lily Warpinkski as the clever Araminthe..." by Lynn Marie MacyFULL REVIEW